Who’s Looking Out for You?

In this debate about business taxes being raised, healthcare not supposedly helpful to business owners and some business packing up and going over seas, one thing that many have over -looked is that there has been a lot of foreign investment while investment in the companies here have fallen off. Wonder if this is true just look around, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it.

The Big Brother to Big Business, the Chamber of Commerce has even admitted that increase although they say that it is a good thing because well you can read what they said. “The primary means by which U.S. firms deliver goods and services to foreign customers is by investing abroad and creating a foreign affiliate. Many workers hired by American company’s abroad work for these affiliates to service local markets. All told, these affiliates generate substantial earnings for American companies. Their sales totaled $4.7 trillion in 2006 -a sum more than triple the export earnings of U.S. companies ($1.4 trillion in 2006). These earnings help provide American companies with a growing pool of capital to help their companies grow, innovate, and create better jobs at home”. Notice that they said create better jobs at home but I must ask how many better jobs were created in 2006 by these companies whose sales reached $4.7 trillion in 2006.

You would think that every one is quite aware of the risk of doing business but isn’t that why there were so many loopholes created in the tax codes for businesses to incentivize them to be more willing to take that risk on American companies looking to create and keep these jobs right here at home. To a person leaders all say that small businesses drives this economy and creates jobs but no one is policing those tasked with providing that avenue to job creation from small businesses. These same leaders keep saying that banks should be lending but where is the enforcement necessary to force, if necessary, them to do what needs to be done. It would appear to me that as a nation, we all rise and fall together and if there is a real risk in doing business, one would rather risk with American businesses here at home than gamble with foreign investments but then that’s just my thoughts, I could be wrong.